service (1)

Respond inquiries in a timely manner, and provide product prices, specifications, samples and other information.
Provide customers with samples, which helps customers to better understand products.

service (2)

Introduce the product's performance, usage, quality standards and advantages to customers, so that customers can better understand and choose the product.
Provide appropriate quotations according to customer needs and order quantities.

service (3)

Confirm customer's order, When the supplier receives the customer's payment, we will start the process of preparing the shipment. First, we check the order to ensure that all product models, quantities, and the customer's shipping address are consistent. Next, we will prepare all the products in our warehouse and do quality check.

service (6)

Finally, when the products reach the customer, we will contact them as soon as possible to ensure that the customer has received all the products. If there is any problem, we will assist the customer to solve it as soon as possible.

service (5)

During the transportation process, we will update the customer's logistics status in time and provide tracking information. At the same time, we will also maintain communication with our logistics partners to ensure that all products can reach customers safely and on time.

service (4)

Handle export procedures and arrange delivery. all products have been verified to be of high quality, we begin shipping. We will choose the fastest and most convenient logistics transportation method to ensure that the products can be delivered to customers as soon as possible. Before the product leaves the warehouse, we will check the order information again to ensure that there are no loopholes.

In Addition, We Have Value-Added Services

1.Document support: provide necessary export documents such as commodity lists, invoices, packing lists, and bills of lading.

2.Payment method: Negotiate the payment method with customers to ensure the safety of export payment and customer trust.

3.Our fashion trend service is designed to help customers understand the latest product fashion trends in the current market. We obtain the latest information through various channels such as researching market data and analyzing hot topics and attention on social media platforms, and conduct customized analysis and reports for customers' products and industry fields. Our team has rich experience in market research and data analysis, can accurately grasp market trends and customer needs, and provide customers with valuable references and suggestions. Through our services, clients are able to better understand market dynamics and thus make more informed decisions for their product development and marketing strategies.



5.Providing customizable packaging can meet the individual needs of customers, and at the same time reduce waste of resources and environmental pollution. Customers can design packaging that meets their needs according to product characteristics and brand image. We can provide packaging of different materials, such as paper boxes, plastic boxes, metal boxes, etc., as well as printing, painting, hot stamping and other processing techniques to make the packaging more beautiful and quality. Of course, in the process of custom packaging, we must also consider how to reduce unnecessary items and materials in the packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and resource conservation.

This is our complete process from customer payment to supplier shipment. We are committed to providing high-quality and efficient services to every customer.