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Product Name:Beta-Alanine
Specifications:  >99%
Appearance: White Crystal Powder
Shelf Life:2 Year

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Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid, which belongs to an amino acid in the protein structure of the human body. The human body can synthesize protein by ingesting foods containing beta alanine, such as meat, dairy products, soybeans, seafood, etc. As an amino acid, beta alanine can promote muscle growth and repair, improve immunity, and enhance cardiovascular function. In addition, beta alanine is also widely used in the preparation of sports nutrition to help athletes accelerate muscle recovery and growth.


Beta-alanine has applications in many different fields, including:

1.Field of sports nutrition: Beta alanine is an amino acid widely used in sports nutrition, which can promote muscle growth and repair, improve sports performance and delay fatigue.

2.Medical field: Beta alanine can be used as an adjuvant drug for the treatment of hepatic encephalopathy and liver cirrhosis, which can improve brain function and slow down the progression of the disease.

3.Agricultural field: Beta alanine can be used as a feed additive to improve the production performance and disease resistance of livestock and poultry.

4.Food and health products: Beta-alanine can be used as a food additive for nutritional enhancement and taste enhancement, and can also be used in the preparation of health products to enhance immunity and improve body functions.

5. Cosmetics field: Beta alanine can be used as a humectant, which has good moisturizing, moisturizing and repairing effects on the skin, and is widely used in cosmetics.

Factory Supply Best Price Beta-alanine Hot Selling Beta Alanine Powder

Product Specification

β-Product Name:β-Alanine 1000kgs Quantity: C22301084B2 Batch No:
2023-01-08 Production date: 2023-01-08 Sampling date: 2023-01-13 Report date:
AJI97 Reference standard:AJI97 25kg/Package: 2025-01-07 Expiry date:
 No.  Item  Standard    Test Results
 1.1  (Appearance) white crystallization or crystalline powder white crystalline powder
1.2  (Assay)% 98.0~101.0 99.3
1.3 PH 6.5~7.5 7.01
1.4  (Transmittance )% 95.0 98.9
1.5  (Loss on drying)% 0.20 0.09
1.6  (Residue on ignition)% 0.20 0.10
1.7  Chloride(Cl) % 0.039 <0.039
1.8  Sulfate(SO4) % 0.048 <0.048
1.9  Ammonium (NH4)% 0.02 <0.02
1.10 (Other amino acids)  Not detectable  Not detected
1.11 ( Pb ) Heavy metals (Pb) mg/kg ≤ 10 <10
1.12 (Fe)mg/kg 30 <30
1.13 (Pb) mg/kg 1 <0.04
1.14 (As) mg/kg 1 <0.01
1.15 (Hg) mg/kg 0.1 <0.01
1.16 (Cd) mg/kg 0.5 <0.003
1.17 (Total Plate Count)cfu/g 1000 <10
1.18 (Moulds &Yeast) cfu/g 100 10
1.19 (E. coli)cfu/g 10 <10
1.20 /25g(Salmonella/25g) Negative Negative
1.21 /25g(Staphylococcus aureus/25g) Negative Negative
AJI97 Conclusion:After test, the product is complied with AJI97 standard.

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