Food Grade Natural Chitosan Powder 

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Product Name: Chitosan

CAS Number:9012-76-4

Specifications:100% Pass 80 Mesh

Appearance: White Powder


Shelf Life:2 Year

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Chitosan is a natural polysaccharide composed of alternating glucose and acetylglucosamine. It is mainly produced by extracting the residues of crustacean shells or organisms such as fungi under high temperature and pressure. Because chitosan has good biocompatibility, biodegradability and low toxicity, it is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, food, environmental protection and other fields. First of all, in the field of medicine, chitosan can be used as medical materials, such as scaffolds for hematopoietic cells, packaging materials for drugs, and biological substitutes for repairing tissues. Secondly, in the field of cosmetics, chitosan has a relatively large molecular weight and can be used as an additive for moisturizing, anti-oxidation, and UV protection to improve the effect of cosmetics. In addition, in the food industry, chitosan can also be used as a food preservative and a source of oligosaccharides. The use of chitosan can extend the shelf life of food and reduce food waste. Finally, in the field of environmental protection, chitosan can be used in water purification, soil remediation and other aspects. For example, chitosan can be used as an adsorbent for heavy metal ions and organic pollutants in polluted water sources. It plays a role in purification through the adsorption and precipitation of impurities in water, and plays a positive role in purifying the environment. In conclusion, chitosan has become a natural polysaccharide material that has attracted much attention due to its various excellent properties, and has provided strong support for research and development in many fields.


1. Medical field: Chitosan can be used as medical materials, such as biological substitutes for tissue repair, orthopedic stents, cardiovascular stents, etc.

2. Food industry: Chitosan can be used as a food preservative and a source of oligosaccharides. The use of chitosan can extend the shelf life of food and reduce food waste.

3. Cosmetics field: Chitosan can be used as a moisturizer, reduce wrinkles, and improve the texture and stability of cosmetics.

4. Environmental protection field: chitosan can be used in water purification, soil remediation, waste water purification and so on.

5. Materials field: Chitosan can be used as a reinforcing agent for composite materials to improve the strength and wear resistance of materials, and can also prepare biodegradable packaging materials and nanomaterials

Food Grade Natural Chitosan Powder 

Product Specification

Batch No. Quantity Packaging Test Date Manufacture Date Exp. Date
0820220820 1000kg 25kg/drum 2022.12.20 2022.12.20 2024.12. 19
Properties (physical):AppearanceOdour White to Light Yellow, Free Flowing PowderOdourless Q/ZAX 02-2008Q/ZAX 02-2008 CompliesComplies
Bulk Density ≥0.20g/ml Series Product Q/ZAX 02-2008 0.25g/ml
Particle size(U.S.Mesh ) 100% through 80 Mesh Q/ZAX 02-2008 Complies
Appearance   of the Solution Analytical Properties: Deacetylated Degree Identification:Solubility Water Content Ash Content Protein Content Clear-Colourless to Light Yellow ≥90.0%≥99.0% (in 1% Acetic Acid )≤ 10.0%≤ 1.0%


Q/ZAX 02-2008Q/ZAX 02-2008Q/ZAX 02-2008Q/ZAX 02-2008

Q/ZAX 02-2008

Q/ZAX 02-2008





Viscosity 100-300   P  .   (  p  )(D                     y Q/ZAX 02-2008 118mPa.s
Heavy MetalsArsenicMicrobial:Total Aerobic E.Coli Salmonella ≤ 10ppm≤0.5ppmNMT 1,000 cfu/g Negative Negative Q/ZAX 02-2008Q/ZAX 02-2008

Q/ZAX 02-2008

Q/ZAX 02-2008

Q/ZAX 02-2008

CompliesComplies<1,000 cfu/g



Conclusion: Meets Q/ZAX 02-2008 standards
Packaging and Storage: Store in tight, light-resistant containers under 25C
Reason for Change: Updating Specification Format to Q/ZAX 02-2008
Effective Date:Jun. 19,2011 Code & Version: DG CHI 0.20g/ml / 1
Part No.: DG 02
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Approved by QC Dept. Manager:

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