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Arbutin (resveratrol) is a natural polyphenolic substance widely present in plants. Resveratrol, a derivative of arbutin, also contains very similar antioxidant properties. Arbutin has a long history of development. As early as 1989, people began to discover its antioxidant properties and began to study its nutritional and health value. As early as 1992, people have begun to realize the potential value of arbutin in anti-oxidation, anti-cancer and anti-cardiovascular diseases. In 1997, researchers began to discover that arbutin had a significant protective effect on cardiovascular diseases, especially coronary artery disease and heart disease. Later, researchers successively discovered that arbutin also has miraculous effects in delaying aging and longevity, and found that it can be used as an ingredient for weight loss and health care. In 2003, researchers from Harvard University in the United States once again discovered that arbutin can activate cytokines and improve the human immune system, thereby enhancing the body's ability to resist bacteria and viruses. In recent years, the nutrition and health research on arbutin has been continuously updated. Studies have shown that it also has a preventive effect on tumors and other diseases. It can also help reduce insulin secretion and play a positive role in preventing the occurrence of diabetes. It is worth mentioning that the blood of residents of the famous sashimi culture circle in Nara County, Japan, in the longevity area is found to be rich in arbutin, which also confirms the health value of arbutin. In recent years, arbutin has become a popular direction in the development of global health products. In short, arbutin is natural, non-toxic and harmless, and has many antioxidant effects. Due to its wide range of applications in food, health products, and cosmetics industries, as the research field continues to expand, the nutritional and health functions of arbutin will also be more deeply understood and explored.

Post time: Dec-11-2022